Future Analysis

This hands-on strategic session is designed to provide analysts and decision makers with insights and methods to help them to better cope with uncertainty and complexity and think about the future. A key element will be the discussion of methods for overcoming bias and other challenges associated with thinking about the future, including scenario planning, red teaming, and wargaming.


We organise tabletop exercises with key personnel assigned high-level roles and responsibilities to deliberate various simulated emergency or rapid response situations. While tabletops frequently are used to improve team responses to disaster preparedness and emergency planning, they also can contribute to less time-critical challenges such as programme management.

Scenario Planning

We work with clients to identify a range of potential outcomes and impacts, evaluate responses and manage for both positive and negative possibilities. By visualising potential risks and opportunities, organisations can become proactive versus simply reacting to events. We offer a number of templates and formalised frameworks for scenario planning to cater for each organisation’s unique needs.

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