London, 1st March, 2023:-  IScann Group, a strategic intelligence company driven by OSINT (open-source intelligence) and data analytics capabilities that enables companies to counter an array of modern threats, today announced the appointment of Hsiao-pin Yu as Head of Capabilities, Counter Intelligence (CI).

Yu has served in numerous senior positions including President of the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan and Senior Advisor for Taiwan’s Cyber Security Department. It was here that he provided strategic insights on the development of the cybersecurity industry, focusing on intelligence operations, research, and analysis. He also held several senior roles in the Taiwan Navy, one which involved coordinating the Taiwan Ministry of Defence and Taiwan Navy with its US counterparts. Heavily involved in US-Taiwan military relations, Yu also coordinated foreign policy programmes, as well as think tanks for defence and national security-related programmes. Yu also previously served as Senior Advisor for IScann Group.  

“Attempts to exploit existing commercial relationships or establish new commercial relationships in order to obtain access to protected information, technology, or persons has become a part of the commercial world whether executives are aware of this or not,” said Hsiao-pin Yu, Head of Capabilities, CI, IScann Group. “This is key to understanding, identifying, and countering those threats in some cases before the operations proceed too far. I am pleased to be leading these capabilities for IScann Group and assisting clients to effectively protect themselves against these risks,” added Yu.

“We are excited to welcome Hsiao-pin Yu to IScann Group’s leadership team. His unique experience and expertise will be an enormous asset in countering the threats our clients are facing. Additionally, Yu will continue to contribute as an IScann Group thought leader and join the Group’s multi-faceted corporate social initiative, Operation: Pluto, which is designed to mitigate the impact of disinformation and misinformation challenges on communities and individuals,” said James Chao, Chief Strategy Officer, IScann Group. 

Commenting on Yu’s appointment, Andrew Vasko, Managing Director of IScann Group said, “Our clients are experiencing some unprecedented threats to their businesses and citizens, and we are building capabilities that enable organisations and governments to benefit from timely, relevant and actionable insights to protect and enhance their value.”

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IScann Group delivers strategic communication with open-source intelligence capabilities that enable organisations to benefit from timely, relevant and actionable insights to protect and enhance their business value. 

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