An expert in military defence and cybersecurity, Yu will advise on vulnerability assessments and advanced weapon systems


LONDON, 06 JANUARY 2021 – IScann Group, an open-source intelligence agency that enables companies to counter an array of modern threats, today announced that defence and cybersecurity expert, Hsiao-pin Yu (Yuster) has been appointed as an IScann Group, Senior Advisor.


IScann Group offers consultancy services for companies on vulnerability assessments, social media exploitation, alternative future analysis and advanced weapons systems. With over two decades of extensive military and national security experience, Yu will serve as an advisor in these fields.


Previously, Yu served as President of the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan and as Senior Advisor for Taiwan’s Cyber Security department. It was here that he provided strategic insights on the development of the cybersecurity industry, focusing on intelligence operations, research and analysis. He also held several roles in the Taiwan Navy, one which involved coordinating the Taiwan Ministry of Defence and Taiwan Navy with its US counterparts. Heavily involved in US-Taiwan military relations, he also coordinated foreign policy programmes, as well as think tanks for defence and national security-related programmes.  

“More and more individuals as well as corporations are falling victim to the most common cyber attacks, such as phishing, scamming and clickjacking. Due to the rampant oversharing on social media, this risk has further increased. But it’s not just personal data that is at stake, it is also company data, and inevitably government and national security data. I am pleased that I can work so closely with IScann Group to advise clients on how to effectively protect themselves against these risks,” states Hsiao-pin Yu, Senior Advisor at IScann Group.


Yu will also be contributing a series of thought leadership articles commenting on US politics and security in the Indo-Pacific region, the new proposed Taiwan security bill, and defence in the South China Sea.

“We are excited to welcome Hsiao-pin Yu to IScann Group. His unparalleled experience and expertise will be an enormous asset to us and our clients, particularly as the importance of cyber defence and security is growing at an exponential rate,” says Andrew Vasko, Managing Director of IScann Group.  





About IScann Group

IScann Group is an open-source intelligence service that enables companies to understand and counter an array of modern threats. By utilising proprietary methodologies, the Group monitors global security trends, tracks social media and is at the forefront of exploiting digitalisation. The group is managed by Andrew Vasko.


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