London, United Kingdom, 21 December 2022 :- IScann Group, a strategic communications company driven by OSINT (open-source intelligence) and data analytics, is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in Tokyo, Japan.

IScann Group already has an established presence with offices in Singapore and London. The opening of the new office continues IScann Group’s expansion into key markets to provide local support to its clients and coincides with the recent senior hire of James Chao, who joined the Company in October as Chief Strategy Officer. The expansion is aimed at meeting the growing demand for international services and OSINT projects from customers in Japan.

“We are excited to open an office in a key market like Tokyo”. says James Chao, Chief Strategy Officer, IScann Group.” Japan’s growth has been remarkable and is a priority for the Company. We are thrilled about this expansion and believe this will fulfil our clients’ needs for local support with a truly global provider.”

“Businesses in Japan are recognizing the need for strong OSINT-backed strategic advice and we aim to provide them with the capabilities they need,” James added.

Iscann Group’s New Japan Office is located at:
1-3-40 Mita, Suite 702, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 108-0073

About IScann Group

IScann Group delivers strategic communication with open-source intelligence capabilities that enables organisations to benefit from timely, relevant and actionable insights to protect and enhance their business value.

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