LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 06 September 2021 – IScann Group, an intelligence company that enables organisations to counter an array of modern threats, today announced its exclusive strategic partnership with DataNStats, a data solution company based in New Delhi, India. Through this partnership, IScann Group furthers develop and expand its analytics offerings. 

A leading data and AI company, DataNStats (DNS) provide data, tools, analytics and technology-based solutions to help transform businesses. Through its solutions, it supplies intelligence to drive the growth of industries, and focuses specifically on accelerating revenue, managing risk and lowering costs. Working exclusively in partnership with DNS, IScann Group will deliver critical data to its customer base through data analytics, data mining, predictive analytics, forecasting and optimisation.

DNS’ robust tools together with IScann Group’s industry insights, analysis and senior advisory expertise, will help clients understand and identify the opportunities and challenges of their businesses by using a data-driven approach.

Managing Director of DataNStats, Priyanka Patel said, “We are pleased to be working with IScann Group and supporting them in delivering best-in-class solutions. There are strong synergies between our businesses and I’m very excited about the enhanced benefits and insights this will bring to IScann Group’s customers.”

Additionally, the partnership will provide the development of new proprietary solutions focused on predictive analytics based on open sources and data modelling that will serve the security & defence and commercial sectors.

“Our partnership with DataNStats will enhance our data collection and analytic capabilities. We are delighted to have access to DNS’ extensive and experienced team of data scientists which will allow us to harness ever-expanding amounts of data while offering our customers deeper and more focused solutions,” says Andrew Vasko, Managing Director of IScann Group.


About IScann Group

IScann Group is an intelligence company that leverages open-source intelligence to enable organisations to derive timely, relevant and actionable data-driven insights, based on a proprietary intelligence gathering approach. By utilising proprietary methodologies, the Group monitors global security trends, tracks social media and is at the forefront of exploiting digitalisation. The Group is managed by Andrew Vasko.

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