IScann Group Expands Team with Appointment of Director of Solutions

London, 19 June 2023:  IScann Group, a strategic intelligence company driven by OSINT (open-source intelligence) and data analytics capabilities that enables companies to counter an array of modern threats, today announced the appointment of Anne David as Director of Organisational Solutions.

Anne joins IScann Group from Frasers, a multinational property development company where she played a key role in sourcing, co-creating, and implementing learning and development solutions for the organisation. Additionally, she oversaw the design of a company-wide digital learning initiative to roll out the organisation’s mission and shared corporate values.

In her role at IScann Group, Anne will integrate data analytics and insights to develop proprietary solutions for IScann’s customers. She will direct the creation and mapping of dynamic solutions on various platforms that will drive the business in the next few years. Anne will lead the collaboration with various data analytics and software partners in the creation of fused solutions that will lay a strong foundation for sustainable growth.

“We are excited to welcome Anne to the Group. Her unique skill sets will create value for our customers by leveraging open-source information tools, including AI  to provide actionable intelligence for organisations.” says James Chao, Chief Strategy Officer of IScann Group.

“The way we collect and use information continues to change dramatically and this includes AI, which will overtake the way we think about collection. Our ability to access, exploit and derive meaningful insights to aid decision making will position IScann Group as a trusted and innovative provider of open-source solutions”, says Anne David, Director of Organisational Solutions at IScann Group. 

About IScann Group

IScann Group delivers strategic communication with open-source intelligence capabilities that enable organisations to benefit from timely, relevant and actionable insights to protect and enhance their business value. 

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