IScann Group Launches Operation: Pluto, A Corporate Social Initiative Focused On Preparing Societies For The Modern Information Landscape

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 30 January 2023 – IScann Group (ISG) a strategic communications company driven by OSINT (open-source intelligence) and data analytics, is pleased to announce the launch of Operation: Pluto, a multi-faceted ISG Corporate Social initiative designed to mitigate the impact of disinformation and misinformation threats on communities and individuals.

Operation: Pluto seeks to first understand why these threats have such a profound impact, particularly on post-truth communities and societies. These consequences are cause for much concern. Opposing sides no longer trust each other’s facts and sources, empathy for alternative perspectives is on the decline, the disinformation-misinformation awareness gap is widening, and the attention economy rewards content that gets the most clicks, not content that prioritises journalistic integrity. The challenge is finding tangible and realistic solutions that address these issues.

Operation: Pluto acknowledges it is too late to stem the flow of disinformation-misinformation, let alone eliminate it entirely. Debating whether a piece of questionable information is true or false distracts us from the real question: What, if anything, is the intent behind a piece of information? To address the impact of disinformation-misinformation, we need to focus on the ultimate targets of such campaigns: people.

Operation: Pluto will focus on helping people to understand disinformation-misinformation in holistic and tangible ways. They will be challenged to inspect their own information consumption habits and recognise such campaigns for what they are. To make this palatable for everyone, the initiative seeks to move the conversation away from the integrity of the information itself and focus on raising awareness around the intent behind the information.

“IScann Group is pleased to launch Operation: Pluto. We have witnessed the urgency of the impact of the spread of mis- and disinformation on societies. History has warned us repeatedly not to underestimate the threat that disinformation poses. In this era of information proliferation, disinformation campaigns have never been cheaper, easier, and more targeted. As we have been reporting via the podcasts and white papers published by the Group, AI-based solutions like deepfakes and bots, skilled state and non-state actors can divide, undermine, and discredit without incurring much in the way of risk. We are pleased to lead this corporate social initiative with the sole purpose of preparing societies for the modern information landscape”, says James Chao, Chief Strategy Officer for IScann Group.

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