Strategic Communications


Crises and Issues Management

When unexpected events occur, a swift and effective response can make all the difference in how an organisation and its reputation emerges from the situation. We help anticipate issues and prepare for all eventualities to the organisation’s reputation. We take careful steps to ensure that communications regarding an issue are thoughtful, considered and incapable of misinterpretation – all within a framework that includes providing counsel and on-site crisis management support, message development, monitoring and analysis as well as media training. Whatever the situation, we will be there by your side.

Media Engagement

We offer an awareness and insight into media relations that has been built on a foundation of relationships with regional, national and international press.

We have an established track record of securing top-tier coverage in sector-specific and mainstream media for our clients so that their brand and story is visible in the right places.

Social Media Tracker

The social media tracker allows for the tracking of social media accounts across a wide range of identified media using our proprietary model. The reporting allows for the identification of the status facing specific crucial issues and determination of how particular actions are progressing.

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