LONDON, 19 MAY 2021 – IScann Group, an intelligence company that enables organisations to counter an array of modern threats, today announced the release of its latest whitepaper – Velocity, Volume, and Variety: Examining the Future of Uncrewed Systems for Defence and Security. This is one in a series of high-value whitepapers IScann Group has published, offering expert commentary and analysis of global security trends, military capabilities, and proprietary tools to manage the exploitation of social media. Researched and written by Senior Advisor Tate Nurkin, this whitepaper is a high-level survey of the key dynamics, supply and demand trends, and enduring tensions and trade-offs that are shaping the future of uncrewed air, ground, surface, and underwater vehicle deployment throughout the world.

The use of uncrewed systems has expanded in recent years across many industry sectors and government agencies, but especially among defence and security communities. As the pace and scale of interest in and development of these systems increases, talking about them as a single area of deployment conferring a specific, easily bound set of capabilities has become considerably more complicated.

“Ultimately, uncrewed systems have become an integral part of military operations in the 2020s and are nearly certain to become even more pervasive as key enabling technologies such as AI, advanced materials, and energy capture and storage technologies, among others, further develop. Yet, within this context, uncertainty does remain for those in government and industry seeking to understand the timing and trajectory of technology and capability development, specific scale of demand, and how various defence and security communities might seek to balance the tensions that will emerge,” says Tate Nurkin, Senior Advisor at IScann Group.

The whitepaper establishes a framework for describing and thinking about the growth in the uncrewed systems market built around a barely constrained increase in three related concepts: the “Velocity of demand”; “Volume of supply (and suppliers)”, and “Variety of available systems.” This initial section of the paper examines how militaries and security communities are using or planning to use uncrewed systems in an expanded set of missions that go beyond the traditional dull, dirty, dangerous, and difficult ones of the past to meet the demands of a changing operational environment.

The second section of the whitepaper provides an analysis of emerging trends in uncrewed technologies, capabilities, and operational concepts. The whitepaper concludes with a robust discussion of some of the enduring tensions that will emerge from the urgent and persistent need to develop and deploy new uncrewed systems enabled by AI and other technologies as well as innovative operational concepts.

“We are starting to see the full capabilities of uncrewed systems globally. However, we need to be very concerned due to their reconnaissance and payloads of the possible use by non-state actors to deliver explosive devices with incredible effectiveness. The accessibility of these platforms needs to be at the forefront of monitoring and there’s a need for government policy makers and security companies to come together to understand the risks associated with the development and use of autonomous systems and what governing frameworks can be created,” concludes Andrew Vasko, Managing Director at IScann Group.

About IScann Group

IScann Group is an intelligence company that leverages open-source intelligence to enable organisations to derive timely, relevant and actionable data-driven insights, based on a proprietary intelligence gathering approach. By utilising proprietary methodologies, the Group monitors global security trends, tracks social media and is at the forefront of exploiting digitalisation. The Group is managed by Andrew Vasko.

More information: www.iscanngroup.com

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