Vulnerability Assessment


Cyber/Infosec Training

We equip clients with the knowledge and skills in target tracking, defensive training, travel security awareness as well as conducting a digital forensic investigation. Learn the key steps that a digital forensic expert must follow, involving collection (searching and seizing digital evidence), examination (applying tools and techniques to establish and extract data) and analysis.

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments refer to the process of defining, identifying, classifying, and prioritising vulnerabilities in systems, applications and networks. Existing risks are identified concerning external threats designed to take advantage of vulnerabilities. At a tactical level, we work with clients to identify potential methods of unauthorised access by which threats can gain entry to an organisation’s network. Assessments need to be performed before the vulnerabilities found can be exploited.

Digital Investigation

We provide clients with digital investigation services to proactively identify and validate potential threats, incidents and/or targets. Open source intelligence is used to determine the scope and give the appropriate business context of the situations. Actionable intelligence is identified to address the root cause of recurring incidents or actions.

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